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You are the most amazing part in all of this.
Wesley to Aria

Wesria is the friendship and formerly possible relationship between Aria Montgomery and Wesley Fitzgerald. The two are currently in-laws after Aria's marriage to Wesley's brother, Ezra.


Season 3

The Kahn Game


Aria first meets Wesley when she goes to see Ezra. She overhears Ezra and Wesley arguing. Wesley barges out of Ezra's apartment telling him to take an offer and Ezra denies. Then he spots Aria and greets her while Ezra shouts at him to leave.


Later, Aria calls Ezra from Eric Kahn's party, wanting to ask him to pick her up. But, he is out, so Wesley answers the phone. He takes the address to the Cabin and goes to pick her up himself. On the way to Ezra's apartment, Wes inadvertently tells Aria about Maggie, Ezra's Ex-Girlfriend whom he got pregnant in high school.

Single Fright Female

Aria runs into Wesley at Ezra's apartment for his birthday where he and Aria discuss Maggie.

What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted


Wesley is seen packing up his things and cleaning his mess in order to leave Ezra's apartment. He says he will stay with a friend. He and Aria go to help Cece with a photo shoot. She leaves to get dinner but doesn't come back. Wesley and Aria are left alone during which Wesley reveals he is not staying with a friend and is in fact sleeping in the back of his car. Aria offers to let him sleep on her couch. When Aria is gathering a pillow and sheets, they talk about books and authors.

Wesleyy (1).jpg

Aria says she had fun that night and hands him the pillow and sheets. He agrees then leans in and kisses her. Aria kisses him back but quickly pulls away saying, "We can't do this." Wesley quickly says goodnight and leaves. Aria closes her door looking conflicted and shocked.