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Is that Brit humor? Because it's not funny.
Hanna to Wren

Wrenna is the one time fling and friendship between Wren Kingston and Hanna Marin.

Season 3

It Happened 'That Night'

Just as Hanna leaves the room, after her talk with Mona, she runs into Wren, who is surprised to see her. She immediately asks him not to tell anyone about seeing her. She tells him that she has been visiting because she really needs some answers from Mona, but its starting to prove futile.

Blood Is The New Black

We see Hanna in Radley, talking to Mona. She tries to tell her about the happenings in school, but Mona is silent as ever. Frustrated, Hanna screams at her and throws a chair across the room. Hearing the noise, Wren rushes inside and immediately takes Hanna away. Hanna is talking to Wren about Mona. Hanna admits that she just did it in the heat of the moment. Wren says he has done worse. His father was also in a mental institution, and he's thrown around more than the chair Hanna tossed in Mona's room. Wren explains to Hanna what she's suffering is ambiguous loss - the person she cares about is still there, but she's lost them anyway.

Birds of a Feather

Hanna watched as a Wilden shows Wren a court order saying he was allowed to see Mona. Hanna wanted to visit Mona to ask her a question, one question only. But, Wren didn't allow her to.

Stolen Kisses

Wren informs Hanna that Mona will be moved to New York. After convincing Wren to talk to the board of directors, he reveals that only she can make a say in their decision. After Hanna gives a heartfelt plea to the board of directors, Wren informs her that they have decided to delay moving Mona out of state. In a moment of happiness, Hanna kisses Wren for the first time.

What Lies Beneath

Hanna makes it clear to Wren that the kiss was a mistake, and that it won't happen again. She quotes Spencer as the reason, saying that she's her best friend, she can't betray her. When Wren tries to kiss her at Hanna's house, she hesitates and after glancing at his lips for a brief second, turns her face away. She then asks him to leave and says that he really helped her.

Season 4

The Mirror Has Three Faces

Wren and Hanna talk

Hanna "hunts Wren down" because she wants to talk to Mona. They have an awkward conversation while Wren says that he can't help Hanna to get to Mona and that Radley Sanitarium's budget has been cut down.


Hanna: You really saved me tonight.
Wren: Anytime.

Hanna (About talking to the board members on letting Mona stay): I can't talk to them the way I talk to you.

Hanna: Is that Brit humor? Because it's not funny.
Wren: I'm sorry. I have a very dry sense of humor.

Hanna (About their kiss): What happened the other day..
Wren: Yeah, I've been thinking about it too. Actually, not much else since then.