Zach Fortson is a recurring character in the television series Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists on Freeform. He is portrayed by Garrett Wareing.[1]

Zach is a BHU sophomore currently working three jobs to stay in school, yet still manages to maintain stellar grades. He exudes a tough exterior that hides a sensitive soul who can make anyone melt.


Zach's parents were involved in Michael Jalali's company. They invested all of their savings including Zach's college fund in the Jalali's. When Michael decided to flee the country and the money disappeared, his family went bankrupt and lost everything. Consequently, Zach was forced to work jobs over the summer and continues to work three jobs just to afford tuition for Beacon Heights University.


While he appears jaded and cold on the outside, he has a large heart and kind soul. He is a genuine person who is sensitive to everyone's feelings. He often notices the smaller shifts in Ava's personality, something rare in her friends. Zach is intelligent and artistic.

Physical Appearance

Zach is tall with an athletically slim physique, sandy blonde hair, and dark blue eyes. He has chiseled features and a slender nose with plump lips. He is often seen wearing relaxed clothing, however, his attire shifts depending on his job.


Lost and Found

Zach is seen managing things at the fashion show. He is initially cold and hostile to Ava, which confused both Alison and Ava. After the show, Ava confronted him about his attitude toward her. Zach stated that his name is Zach Fordson, which she didn't initially recognize. He iterates that she might have seen it on several court documents. He explained that his father, Kevin Fordson, had invested his life savings in Michael Jalali's business. When Michael fled the country, all of his family's money was lost - including Zach's college fund. Because of this, Zach had to work multiple jobs to afford his tuition at BHU.


Ava Jalali: Girlfriend. (see: Zava)

Appearances (5/10)

Season 1


  • While describing his character on Twitter, Garrett Wareing tweeted, "I'll work 3 jobs to afford the university, not murder anyone, and keep all the secrets at BHU".[2]
    • He later said that Zach is, "a hard worker with a big heart".[3]
  • Zach's family was robbed of their money from Michael Jalali. This forced Zach to work three jobs to pay for BHU.
  • His jobs include being a student services worker, a member of the custodial staff, and a busboy at the Cochran Student Union.
  • He dislikes cats.

Book Comparisons

  • Zach doesn't exist in the books, and instead, his character was created solely for the television series.



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