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This article is about Samara's friend. You may be looking for Zoe, Emily's friend.

Zoey is a friend of Samara Cook and is part of the circle of friends including Samara, Quinn, Bianca, and herself. She may be gay as well, though this point is not clear. She wears dark clothes, bright red lipstick and dark black eye makeup.


She is introduced in the episode Picture This. She likes playing cards, and Emily helps her play poker against Samara, Quinn, and Bianca at Hanna's House after Bianca teasingly comments on Zoey's inability to win. When Samara leaves, Emily gives Zoey her number, which gesture appears to be flirting with Zoey from Quinn's outside perspective. (Emily is really being forced by "A" to do it.)

Zoey accepts Emily's number without telling Samara. Quinn, obviously angered and perhaps, looking for an excuse to compromise Emily's success with Samara, tells her friend. Samara is also angered and tries to get answers from Emily, who claims the move was innocent, though Samara thinks she knows better. However she is unaware that it was 'A'.